Entry: The big 21 Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Happy late birthday to me! Sunday I turned 21. I thought it was ironic that Dr. Vines did a sermon against alcohol on my 21st birthday. If I had any doubts about getting wasted Sunday night, I didnít after that, lol. Itís been a while since I posted last. All last week I was at camp. Monday I slept in until eight (oh boy that felt good) and then packed, went to class, then drove to camp at Lake Yale. It took me an hour and 58 minutes to get there from UNF. It was really nice having a car to drive at camp. Pretty much every night I gave Tiffany and Genny and some other girls rides from the girlís camp to the main service, which was good, because it was raining pretty bad a couple days. I had a good group of kids in my cabin. We had a lot of fun. We took road trips to Wal-Mart a couple of times. On an awesome note, there was this one guy in my cabin, Hunter, who doesnít go to our church, but on Tuesday morning he prayed to receive Christ. How awesome is that?! Then he got baptized at camp too. After camp was over, we came home, and this time my brother rode with me. Saturday I spent working on remodeling the bathroom, putting up tile on the ceiling and the walls. Fun stuff, NOT. I told my parents that I wanted to get a new CD player for my car, since my old one is old and worn out (It skips a lot and wonít play half of my CDs) so my parents instead decided to play a game with me. They wrote out five different monetary amounts ($100, $150, $200, $250, and $300) and I had to randomly guess a letter. Then they would give me that much towards the stereo. Well, I guessed the one that was $250. I went up to Best Buy and found the one I wanted (it was $270) and bought it. Long story short, they spent 3 hours installing it on Sunday and it still doesnít work right. Plus, I had to buy $100 in stupid attachments. Morons. Iím taking it back up there today and making them fix it, or give me back every penny that I spent. This morning I got up, and I found two checks for me on the counter. One was for $250. I thought that was the one for the radio, but it wasnít. At the bottom on the check it said it was for my Mexico trip. Sweet. I picked it up, and there was the radio check underneath that. My parents gave me $300 for that. Wow. So basically they just gave me $550. Thatís going to really help out, since I owe about $1,500. I love my parents. I guess once a year they do something crazy like that. Wednesday I have my last summer final exam. Thursday I am getting the wisdom teeth out. Saturday Iím going to Mexico. Yeah, Iím keeping busy. Thank you guys who remembered my birthday! I got jumbo school supplies and some SWEET Lego sets from Laura, cookies (yum yum) and a home-made pop-up card from Tiffany, A full tank of gas from my brother, the $300 from my parents, Wild at Heart from Danny, and a card from Aimee. You guys rock!


August 2, 2005   06:06 PM PDT
i would have given you a monetary item, but you know what you haven't cashed in yet... ;) 21 of them, lol.
August 2, 2005   01:48 PM PDT
I almost wrote in the post that it was the second time in my life my brother gave me a gift (One year he gave me a one-dollar bill).

The Legos so rock. I think I might bring them to work, but then I guarantee that I'd start playing with them and get in trouble, lol.
August 2, 2005   09:32 AM PDT
Those Legos are so awesome. And so are the school supplies. So funny and random.
August 2, 2005   08:25 AM PDT
wow, your brother actually gave you something!!!

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