Entry: Working hard Wednesday, July 13, 2005

I'm sittng at work, "backing up files on my work computer", and to keep my hands busy, I'm ripping the padding out of my shoes. Now my left shoe is just stupid-looking. I think it's time to go buy some more since I just ruined these. I got two new CD's. Switchfoot's "New Way To Be Human" and a CD I found called "Within a Mile of Home" by a group I've never heard of, Flogging Molly. It's interesting music though. Maybe I should rip up my other shoe, just for uniformity...


July 14, 2005   03:57 PM PDT
Just went to their site, hahahaha, nothin' like Irish Rawk! hahahaha HAve a pint on me!
July 14, 2005   03:52 PM PDT
Flogging Molly sounds familar to me too, i'm not sure that i've actually heard any of their stuff.
July 14, 2005   05:47 AM PDT
floggin molly?... isn't that an older band....? i think i've heard them before...
July 14, 2005   12:53 AM PDT
wow, sounds like you job is...BORING!!!!!! haha

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